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Think Twice is happy to accept your items for consignment. We will review your items for consignment on an “as needed” basis, this practice can be suspended without notice due to space limitations. Calling ahead is advised, for those that cannot make it during the week, by appointment only on Saturdays. Appointments can be made or questions can be answered by calling 908-647-7800.

We will consider:
Furniture, lamps, home décor, house wares, accessories such as designer handbags and wallets in “like new” condition and some jewelry, costume only. WE DO NOT TAKE CLOTHING OR SHOES. A photo of large items such as furniture should be brought in for review or emailed to before it can be accepted due to space limitations.
Furniture, home décor and household items must not be damaged. All items must be clean and ready for the selling floor. We will sort through them and let you know which items we feel will sell the best. Only items in good to excellent condition will be accepted for better sales results. We accept no more than 12 items per month per consignor, unless you have made prior arrangements. All items accepted for consignment must be delivered to the store by the consignor and if not sold, pick up is the responsibility of the consignor as well. (See time allowance below)

The value of each item will be discussed with the consignor and agreed upon by Think Twice and the consignor at the time of consignment.

You (the consignor) will receive 50% of the value. There is a small handling fee added to the selling price of each consigned item, which is paid by the consumer, not the consignor. Payments in the form of a check will be mailed to the consignor on or before the fifteenth of the month following the sale of their item(s).

The Consignment Period is 8 weeks. Consigned items are displayed at the agreed upon price for 8 weeks (56 days). It is the complete responsibility of the consignor (you) to keep track of this schedule and pick up unsold items at the end of this period. There is a 4 day grace period to retrieve unsold items, but on the 61st day, items not picked up by the consignor become the property of Think Twice LLC, to be marked down, donated, or otherwise disposed of at the discretion of Think Twice.

Think Twice is not liable for damage or loss of consigned items due to fire, theft, natural disasters or any other unforeseen circumstance.

We look forward to working with you and welcome you to Think Twice


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